Professor Gordon Hadley, Passes Away at Age 91

This weekend we are deeply sorrowed to hear of the passing of one of our close friend and mentor, Dr. Gordon Hadley, he was 91.

Dr. Gordon Hadley passed away a week ago last Friday afternoon. Dr. Hadley was a former dean of the Loma Linda University. He had dedicated more than 30 years of his life to teaching and mentoring Afghan physicians at Kabul University and at Nengrahar University Medical School. He had numerous trips to Afghanistan, during his active duties as well as during his retirement, to serve for the improvement of the health system in Afghanistan.

We would strongly encourage the AMAA members to attend the memorial services which will take place on July 7th at 7:30pm. Located at Loma Linda University Seventh Day Adventist Church.

You can read more about Dr.Hadley, his life and accomplishments here.

Live streaming of the memorial service will be available online at:

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