President’s Correspondance

Dear Dr. Obaidullah Obaid,

On behalf of the executive board of directors of the AMAA, I would like to congratulate your new position as a secretary of the Higher Education in Afghanistan. We are very delighted of your great achievement, and we are very proud of you. We wish you the best of success for the responsibilities you have ahead. The AMAA leadership is fully confident of your dedication,and your passion to help the beloved nation of Afghanistan. We are looking forward to hearing from you sometime in the near future.

With best regards,
Y. Sadiq, MD
President of AMAA


Dear Dr Sadiq:

I hope you and your family doing well.we are much obliged for your cooperation,and also your warm reception from Dr Barmak made everyone thankful.our greatest wish is to have effective and sufficient collaboration in the future .

I would like to give my respect to other our friends.

With best regard.

Dr.Cheragh Ali Cheragh
Professor, Kabul Medical University
And Medical Advisor to the Ministry of Higher Education

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