Dr. Yousuf Sadiq

Dr.Yousuf Sadiq was born in Nangrahar province of Afghanistan. After finishing his high school he attended medical school at Nangrahar University and graduated in 1973. Then attended a military academy for completion of his one year draft duty. This was followed by residency at Ibnecena and Jamhouriat teaching hospitals in Kabul. Under the supervision of Care-Medico from United States and Canada  in Afghanistan. He had post graduate training in Nephrology and obtained a diploma from Vienna University, Austria. He then migrated to the United States, completed his internship and residency at King Drew University in Los Angeles, Califronia.

He was a faculty member and clinical insturctor in Jamhouriat teaching hospital in Kabul  and guest physician at Vienna University Austria. He has obtainted experience in Micro Chemistry at Illinois University in Chicago.

He was a medical consultant at behavorial medicine, medical director of ICU, CCU, member of the infectious disease committee and member of the advisory board at Loma Linda University Medical Center and Loma Linda community hospital (Loma Linda University East Campus).

Dr. Sadiq was chair of the Bio-Ethic committee at Community Hospital of San Bernardino. He is currently chairman of the clergy committee  and member of the executive board of the Community Hospital of San Bernardino.

He has clinical priveledges at Community Hospital of San Bernardino, Ballard Hospital and  Loma Linda University Medical Center. Former staff member of St. Bernardine Medical center and Behavior medicine Loma Linda University and California Medical Center.

Dr. Sadiq has also volunteered at Al Shefa Clinic for indigent patients in San Bernardino, California.

He is one of the founders of the Physicians Health Network and currently serving as a board member.

He is also one of the founders and currently the president of the Afghan Medical Associations of America.

He travelled several times for the past 20 years to Jalalibad and Kabul Universities. With other members of the AMAA for delivering aids to medical schools and humanitarian aids to refugee’s.

Dr. Sadiq is also a recipient of the Physician of the Year award, in California from the United States Congress in 2007. He was recognized for his charity work by the board of supervisors from San Bernardino County in California. He was also recognized by the Afghan community in Southern California for his contributions to the Afghan community.

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