Meeting with Professor Sohaila Siddiq: Minister of Public Health

Meeting with Minister of Public Health

August 1, 2002

The Minister of Public Health of Afghanistan, Dr Sohaila Siddiq accepted an invitation from the AMAA to speak at our seminar. The AMAA arranged her trip to California where she was greeted at the airport by the president and some directors of the AMAA.

The president welcomed the Minister and on behalf of the AMAA showed appreciation for accepting the invitation and for the participation in the upcoming seminar at Loma Linda University.

The Minister of Public Health thanked the AMAA leadership and hoped for a successful outcome.

 Minister of Public Health met with AMAA and LLU

August 2, 2002

The Minister of Public Health of Afghanistan, Dr Sohaila Siddiq met with the AMAA executive members Dr. Khushal Stanisai, Dr. Nafisa Abdullah Huf, Dr. Ibrahim Seraj, Dr. Yousuf Sadiq and LLU administrators Dr. Richard Hart, Dr. Joan Coggin, Dr. Gordon Hadley and Mr. Jerry Daly.

A representative of AARP, Mr. Khosti was also present at the meeting.

The meeting was focused on how the AMAA and LLU could help improve health services in Afghanistan both through medical education and primary care. LLU and the AMAA are combining their efforts to provide the needed help.

LLU had at least a 40 year relationship with Afghanistan with experience in developing countries of Asia and Africa. The AMAA members who are mostly graduates of Afghan medical schools, are more aware of the Afghan health system. The recent combined task forces of these two organizations have been trying to achieve a better understanding of the ongoing health problems inside Afghanistan and to find a means of implementing the goals they have been seeking.

LLU administration and the AMAA leadership expressed their willingness to extend their helping hand to the Ministry of Public Health.

The Minister of Public health thanked LLU and the AMAA for their past contributions and encourages the continued support.

The discussion was focussed on specific topics which was informative and useful.

The committee for primary care for Afghanistan later joined the discussion in preparation of their active role inside Afghanistan. The emphasis was more on preparing and teaching the educators in Afghanistan, specifically for the Middle Medical Institute at the public health ministry. The AMAA and LLU will ask the volunteers to donate the time and funds to cover their expenses, and they also may ask the Ministry of Public Health for available fund if feasible. Mr. Khosti acknowledges that this could be done through his office after approval by the Ministry of Public Health.

The Minister of Public Health was shown the Distant Learning Center, Neonatal Intensive Care Unit and the Proton Treatment Center. This underground center is the only radiation center in the world that is capable of delivering an accelerated proton stream to cancer cells without damaging healthy tissue.

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