Meeting with Dr.Bamarak

The AMAA executive committee members had the pleasure of meeting with Dr. Barmak on March 27th, 2012. Dr. Barmak is an assistant to Dr. Cheragh at the Cheragh Medical Institute in Kabul,Afghanistan. He is currently on a Fulbright scholarship studying in Columbia, Missouri. Read the complete story here.

During the meeting, Dr. Barmak gave a thorough and informative talk about the Cheragh
Medical Institute and was well received by the AMAA members. Dr. Barmak expressed his desire for the AMAA’s cooperation and contributions towards the Cheragh Medical Institute.

In response to Dr. Barmak’s request, Dr. Yusuf Sadiq, the President of the AMAA, expressed his sincere cooperation with the Cheragh Medical Institue. The details of such cooperation will be addressed during the upcoming AMAA members meeting.

Dr. Barmak showed much appreciation towards the AMAA’s future contributions. In closing, the meeting was very friendly and cordial.





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