Healthcare in Afghanistan

The Afghan Medical Association (AMAA) and Loma Linda University (LLU) co-sponsored an all-day symposium on Sunday, August 4, 2002 at the Wong Kerlee international Conference Center of LLU from 9:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m.

There were more than 200 participant from all over the US and Canada. Most of the members were from the Afghan Medical Association, the Afghan Physician Association, other medical groups, representatives of Afghan Women Association of Southern California, several ex-cabinet ministers and other dignitaries.

Dr. B. Lyn Behrens, President of LLU and Dr Nafisa Abdullah Huf, a member of the AMAA executive committee, welcomed the attendees of the symposium.

Dr. Yousuf Sadiq, a member of the AMAA executive committee briefly described the goals and activities of the AMAA.

Dr. Ibrahim Seraj, a member of the AMAA executive committee and an associate professor of LLU and Dr. Gordon Hadley, Dean Emeritus of LLU, presented the past medical education in Afghanistan.

Dr. Wali M. Aseem, Cardiovascular Surgeon of DuBois, Pennsylvania discussed the past health statistics in Afghanistan.

Mr. Yasin Khosti, a member of the AMAA and Associate Director of Afghan Assistant Coordination Authority in Afghanistan and Ms. Homira Nassery, Health Consultant to the World Bank provided information regarding ongoing foreign aid and the World Bank’s role for Afghanistan.

Dr. Khushal A. Stanisai, president of the AMAA and assistant professor at LLU, presented the recent KMI student survey and the ongoing medical education problems facing Afghanistan.

Dr. Richard Hart, Chancellor of LLU briefly discussed LLU’s role in reconstruction of the health system in Afghanistan.

Professor Sohaila Siddiq, Minister of Public Health and a member of the AMAA, presented the recent health statistic in Afghanistan, the ongoing activity of the ministry and the need for expatriate Afghan physician to return and help in the reconstruction process.

She thanked the AMAA and LLU for their past contributions to the medical education and health systems inside Afghanistan and for the warm welcome she received during her stay.

Later she received a certificate of a donation of wireless equipment totaling $78,000.00 from Cisco Systems, microscopes from LLU and $4000.00 to improve the health system in Afghanistan from the Afghan Women Association of Southern California.

There is also a donation of few hundred wheelchair in the process.

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