Recent Trip to Afghanistan – 2002

Habib Baha M.D. and K. Siddiqui M.D.

A delegation of the Afghan Medical Association of America (AMAA) and Loma Linda University (LLU) recently traveled to Afghanistan. Dr. Richard Hart, Chancellor, Dr Joan Coggin, director of international affairs, Dr. Gordon Hadley, professor of pathology and Mr. Jerry Daly , Director of the audiovisual department was representing LLU and Khushal Stanisai MD, the president of the AMAA was representing the AMAA.

The delegates were able to meet the Minister of Public Health, Professor Sohaila Siddiq, the Minister of Higher Education Mr. Faez, The Dean of Kabul Medical Institute Dr. Afzal Anwar, The Chancellor of the Kabul University Mr. Popal, the WHO consultant Dr. S. A. S Ghazanfar, the ISAF medical team and USAID representative in Kabul.

Chancellor Hart was able to apply for a grant from USAID in Kabul to help the Kabul Medical Institute. After communication with ISAF medical staff more the 1000 volumes of books were delivered to KMI medical library. The ISAF will repair the teaching amphitheaters and provide electric generators to KMI.

The AMAA president had a one on one meeting with Dr. Taher Borgai, one of the three Chairpersons of the Loya Jirga for an exchange of ideas in regards to the upcoming protocol for the meeting.

The AMAA and LLU participated in teaching students of KMI and in addition, the AMAA conducted a study to find out the level of knowledge of English and medicine of KMI students for future planning and medical education at KMI.

The AMAA had invited the above persons to a reception at the LLU residence in Kabul and the delegates were welcomed by the Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Rahim Sherzoi and the chief of protocol at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Haider.

The delegates were able to reestablish the communication with the Kabul authority and had lengthy discussions regarding the reconstruction of the health and medical education systems in Afghanistan.